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I have a view that I'm trying to setup an Index for. One of the select columns for the view executes a user-defined function that has a return value of varchar(250). However, when I try to setup an Index on that column, I see a size of nvarchar(4000). Why is that and will that cause a problem if I continue to setup my index?

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Does running sp_refreshview 'YourViewName' resolve the issue? (I think you will need to change the view to use WITH SCHEMABINDING as well)

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i think your main suggestion here is going to be to ditch the scalar udf. they're an awful performance drag. is there a legitimate business reason for the udf?

pull the code out of the scalar function and place it inside of the view directly and see if that alleviates your problem.

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It's not a drag. The UDF itself does some data manipulation. I don't want to have that in 6 different spots in a single view especially at nearly 100 lines. –  Jason N. Gaylord Jun 2 '10 at 21:03

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