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I'm working with My website is hosted within a subfolder test under the IIS root directory. So the url of default.aspx is http://localhost/test/Default.aspx. From default.aspx, I want to use Reponse.Redirect() with a relative path to redirect to another url within the same web site, http://localhost/test/whatever.

I tried




Both of them redirect to http://localhost/whatever. Note that the Redirect method use http://localhost instead of http://localhost/test/ as the base url.

Any ideas?


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I made a silly mistake myself. Response.Redirect("~/whatever"); should go to localhost/test/whatever. Thank you all . – Shuo Jun 2 '10 at 20:02
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Sorry if I'm over-simplifying or misunderstanding your question, but have you simply tried:

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Try this (my example is

  Dim url As String = "~/SomeDirectory/SomePage.aspx"
  Response.Redirect(url.Replace("~"c, Request.ApplicationPath))

I like to have Utils.RedirectRelative("~/SomeDirectory/SomePage.aspx") in a class somewhere but I don't know how "good practice" that is.

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