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I am populating a table based on a javascript function. I want to limit the data entered to 2, afterwhich I hide the table. Is there a way to track how many hits the javascript code gets hit?

function addNewRow() {
    $('#displayInjuryTable tr:last').after('<tr><td style="font-size:smaller;" class="name"></td><td style="font-size:smaller;" class="address"></td></tr>');
    var $tr = $('#displayInjuryTable tr:last');
    var propertyCondition = $('#txtInjuryAddress').val();

    if (propertyCondition != "") {
        $tr.find('.address').text($('#txtInjuryAddress').val() + ', ' + $('#txtInjuryCity').val() + ' ' + $('#txtInjuryState').val() + ' ' + $('#txtInjuryZip').val());
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var someCounter = 0

function addNewRow() {
  if(someCounter>1) {
 ...your code...
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you need to hide the table before the "return" per OP specification. – Mark Schultheiss Jun 2 '10 at 19:32
var addNewRow = (function(){
    var count = 0;
    return function(){
        if (++count === 2) {
            //hide feature 
        ... // your code here
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