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I need to use a regex to pull a value out a url domain that will exclude everything but the host (ex: wordpress) and domain type (ex .com). The urls are dynamic and contain 2-3 values for each result (www.example.com or example.org). I am trying to use this expression, but I am only getting back the first letter of every item I am attempting to exclude:






  1. example
  2. ordpress
  3. om
  4. Desired Result


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

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I am really having a hard time understanding you question. What is the pattern for the input, and what is you you want returned as a match for each URL? –  Sean Kinsey Jun 2 '10 at 20:47

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Anchor your regular expression:


You might also want to consider whether (\w+|\d+) is really what you mean. \w already includes digits. Also, there are other characters allowed in URLs such as -. Do you need to handle this?

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If I was to do thing like that, I would take advantage of the format of the url: anything (dot) 2nd-level-domain (dot) 1st-level-domain:


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Is it so that you are only after what is after the domain part??

// returns sdfsdf/fdsff
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