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does anyone know if Bundler supports http auth? I'm pretty sure rubygems does (I think i read that somewhere) but I don't see anywhere in the docs where I might specify a username/pwd for a particular repo

I'm trying to run my own private gem server so as not to expose sensitive code

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Bundler uses rubygems, so it should work the same way. Have you run into problems with it? –  mckeed Jun 2 '10 at 22:27
haven't tried yet, but I can't see any docs that give the syntax for specifying username/pwd in bundler. –  brad Jun 3 '10 at 13:00

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According to https://github.com/carlhuda/bundler/issues/300 you can set the proxy settings the same as in rubygems.

set HTTP_PROXY=http://[username]:[password]@[proxyserver]:[port]



# cat $HOME/.gemrc
gem: --source http://[username]:[password]@[proxyserver]:[port]/[DIRECTORY]


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Bundler version 1.6 added HTTP auth in bundle config.

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