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I'm using Haml (Haml/Sass 3.0.9 - Classy Cassidy) stand-alone to generate static HTML. I want to create a shared layout template that all my other templates inherit.


    %title Test Template


SOMEHOW Change the title of the page "My Content".
  %p This is my content

To produce:


    <title>My Content</title>
    <div class="Content">
      <p>This is my content</p>

But this doesn't seem possible. I have seen the use of rendering partials when using Haml with Rails but can't find any solution when using Haml stand-alone.

Having to put the layout code in all of my templates would be a maintenance nightmare; so my question is how do I avoid doing this? Is there a standard way to solve this problem? Have I missed something fundamental?

I found a similar question: Rendering HAML partials from within HAMLoutside of Rails

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I've created a prototype that does what I need. I just need to create this as a module and allow it to accept the layout template and content template as arguments (along with a dataset).

require "haml"

layoutTemplate ='layout.haml')
layoutEngine =
layoutScope =

output = layoutEngine.render(scope=layoutScope) { |x|
  case x
    when :title
      scope.instance_variable_get("@haml_buffer").buffer << "My Title\n"
    when :content
       contentTemplate ='page.haml')
       contentEngine =
       contentOutput = contentEngine.render
      scope.instance_variable_get("@haml_buffer").buffer << contentOutput

puts output


      - yield :title
      - yield :content


%h1 Testing
%p This is my test page.


My Title
    <div class='content'>
<p>This is my test page.</p>
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Haml is built with the assumption that it'll be used alongside some Ruby framework that provides things like partials and layouts. If you want a simple way to render static Haml code with layouts and partials, check out StaticMatic.

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+1 Thanks, been looking at StaticMatic. It provides exactly what I want for layout templates but raises issues in other areas. – kjfletch Jun 3 '10 at 7:34

StaticMatic has been abandoned by its creator, who now uses

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