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Thought I understood how classes work, then I tried this code:

class user
  var $dbcon;

  var $dbinfo;
  var $con;    
  var $error;

  function dbConnect()

    $this->dbinfo['server'] = "localhost";
    $this->dbinfo['database'] = "foolish_faith";
    $this->dbinfo['user'] = "user";
    $this->dbinfo['password'] = "password";

    $this->con = "mysql:host=".$dbinfo['server']."; dbname=".$dbinfo['database'];
    $this->dbcon = new PDO($con, $dbinfo['user'], $dbinfo['password']);
    $this->dbcon->setAttribute(PDO::ATTR_ERRMODE, PDO::ERRMODE_EXCEPTION);
    $this->error = $this->dbcon->errorInfo();

    if ($error[0] != "")
      print "Error!";

Now it just spits out this error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'PDOException' with message 'invalid data source name' in E:\PortableApps\xampp\htdocs\dbcon.php:24 Stack trace: #0 E:\PortableApps\xampp\htdocs\dbcon.php(24): PDO->__construct('', NULL, NULL) #1 E:\PortableApps\xampp\htdocs\login.php(4): user->dbConnect() #2 {main} thrown in E:\PortableApps\xampp\htdocs\dbcon.php on line 24

Can anybody see what I'm doing wrong, as I'm sure it has to do with my lack of knowledge when it comes to classes?

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$this->con = "mysql:host=".$dbinfo['server']."; dbname=".$dbinfo['database'];
$this->dbcon = new PDO($con, $dbinfo['user'], $dbinfo['password']);

When you acces variables of a class instance you have to use the -> operator. In this case you'd use $this->dbinfo instead of just $dbinfo and $this->con instead of $con. You've done it correctly on the left side, but missed some on the right.

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Don't put spaces in your connection string. ("; dbname=" should be ";dbname=").

Also, there are a couple of instances where you need to add a $this-> in front of some class instance variables ($this->con, $this->dbinfo et cetera).

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Make this: $this->dbcon = new PDO($con, $dbinfo['user'], $dbinfo['password']);
Int this: $this->dbcon = new PDO($this->con, $dbinfo['user'], $dbinfo['password']);

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Here is the dsn syntax : I don't see any space in it, maybe you should remove the one you added after the semicolon...

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