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I'd like to delay-load a Java Applet in the same way that SwfObject loads Flash SWFs-- you supply it a div id and it replaces the div's contents. This would allow the whole page to load before the Applet starts.

However, I'd also like to use a best-practices Javascript library like deployJava.js or applet-fu. The problem with these libraries is that they only use document.writeln-- if you use them after the DOM loads they will clobber the page.

Are there any Applet-loading JavaScript libraries that allow for delay-loading?

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See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1178713/java-equivalent-of-swfobject

In short, you don't need a huge library. If you don't care about detecting if java is installed, you don't need any libraries. Just add a placeholder and replace its contents with .innerHTML.

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