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Apache configuration files all appear correct; I've added the ExecCGI to the RootDirectory, although this file resides in the ScriptAlias directory so that shouldn't even be necessary. I put a .htaccess file out there which is also probably not necessary.

This is a simple counter.cgi file - runs fine from the linux command line; runs fine called as a "method post" from an html file. When I call it using "!exec cgi" it's as if it never happened - it's completely ignored. There are no errors in any log files - the file is not executed.

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Also... I have Includes as an Option. I've tried running as "#include virtual" as well as "#exec cgi" and in both cases the command DOES show up in the html source, it is simply ignored and not executed. – Brenda Jun 3 '10 at 0:43

I figured this out - my SSI configuration wouldn't process .html files. Changed the httpd.conf file so that SSI includes were processed from .html files. :)

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