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I'm trying to parse the json grabbed from here. Basically what I do is iterate over the items, sort them, then display them. But I get an error saying[i] is undefined.

I can't think why it's doing it though?

var json = '';

    method: "GET",
    url:    json,
    onload: reddits

function reddits(response){
    var txt = response.responseText;
    var data;
    var suggested = document.getElementById('suggested-reddits');
    if(window.JSON && JSON.parse){
        data = JSON.parse(txt);
        data = eval("("+txt+")");

    suggested.innerHTML += '<span>reddits you\'re subscribed to </span> <ul id="rsub"></ul>';
    GM_addStyle('#rsub{width: 500px;}');
    var reddits = new Array();  
    var rsub = document.getElementById('rsub');

    for(i = 0; i <=; i++){
        var r =[i].data.display_name;
    for(i = 0; i <= reddits.length; i++){       
        rsub.innerHTML += '<li><a href="#" onclick="set_sr_name(this); return false">' + reddits[i] + '</a></li>';
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for(i = 0; i <=; i++){
    var r =[i].data.display_name;

Clear problem is in the for statement. Change the i <= to i < Note the inequality change.

Since arrays in Javascript are 0-indexed, the element at i = does not exist.

You should probably do the same things for the reddits.length loop.

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