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Is there a way to only show the items that are older than a certain date in a php mysql array? I'm using this query method and sorting by lastpost_cl:

$query="SELECT * FROM properties ORDER BY lastpost_cl";
$num = mysql_num_rows ($result);

and I was thinking the way of checking the time would be:

if (time() <= strtotime($lastpost_cl)) {


How can I combine the two and only show lastpost_cl that are older that the current time?

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$query="SELECT * FROM properties WHERE lastpost_cl < NOW() ".
    "ORDER BY lastpost_cl";

This assumes you're storing the date using one of mysql date types. See the manual here.

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Worked great. Thanks! –  Jon Jun 3 '10 at 3:21

MySQL can do that on its own. Just change your query to this:

$query="SELECT * FROM properties WHERE lastpost_cl < NOW() ORDER BY lastpost_cl";
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You should do this in the sql query though, because the time on the sql server and web server could be different. A query like this would get everything older than a week

FROM properties
where lastpost_cl < now() - INTERVAL 7 DAY
ORDER BY lastpost_cl
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