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I'm trying to open a file located on a networkshare by giving the anchor tag path = file://///servername/folder/file.docx

This works in IE8 and i'm able to open the file in word, however in Firefox nothing happens. I believe it's due to some secruity settings in Firefox. I tried about:config and turning off the checkloaduri value. But it didnt solve the problem.

Does anyone know how I can make this work in both IE and Firefox.

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A quick Google brought me to the following solution page from Mozillazine:

Mozillazine's "Links to Local Pages Don't Work"

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Yeah I tried that, as in mention in my question, the checkloaduri method. – ace Jun 4 '10 at 4:18
I think you missed the section on 2.1 Firefox 1.5, SeaMonkey 1.0 and newer. Have you tried adding the capability.policy.localfilelinks.sites settings? – sirhc Jun 4 '10 at 4:53

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