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can anyone provide me an example on how I can fetch the real-time stocks of google finance

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See Problem with Stock Quote from Google Finance. There's really no general Google API directly for getting quotes. –  Matthew Flaschen Jun 3 '10 at 6:50

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Came across this (and your post) trying to figure this out myself...

This currently retrieves some XML:


Of course they may close this down as well soon...

I think 'last data=' will give current quote

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Here's a very simple example: http://googlified.com/files/finance-api.html

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That's really a hack using the Google Spreadsheet API, not a general-purpose API. –  Matthew Flaschen Jun 3 '10 at 6:49

The link in the earlier answer was broken when I tried it, so here is another example. You have to do a bit of processing but otherwise it's pretty easy. http://www.google.com/finance/info?client=ig&q=goog,msft

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As for now (2015), the google finance api is deprecated. If you are comfortable with python, you may use the pypi module googlefinance.

Install googlefinance

$pip install googlefinance

It is easy to get current stock price:

>>> from googlefinance import getQuotes
>>> import json
>>> print json.dumps(getQuotes('AAPL'), indent=2)
    "Index": "NASDAQ", 
    "LastTradeWithCurrency": "129.09", 
    "LastTradeDateTime": "2015-03-02T16:04:29Z", 
    "LastTradePrice": "129.09", 
    "Yield": "1.46", 
    "LastTradeTime": "4:04PM EST", 
    "LastTradeDateTimeLong": "Mar 2, 4:04PM EST", 
    "Dividend": "0.47", 
    "StockSymbol": "AAPL", 
    "ID": "22144"

Google finance is a source that provides real-time stock data. There are also other APIs from yahoo, such as yahoo-finance, but they are delayed by 15min for NYSE and NASDAQ stocks.

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