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Is it possible to search through blob text using sql statement? I can do select * from $table where f1 like '%foo%' if the f1 is varchar, how about f1 is a blob? Any counter part for this?

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If you are storing plain text it should be a CLOB, not a BLOB, and then you can still query using LIKE. A BLOB contains binary data that Oracle doesn't know the structure of, so it cannot search it in this way.

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If it is a Word or PDF document, look into Oracle Text.

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This is quite possible and easy to do.

Simply use dbms_lob.instr in conjunction with utl_raw.cast_to_raw

So in your case, if t1 is a BLOB the select would look like:

select *
  from table1
 where dbms_lob.instr (t1, -- the blob
                   utl_raw.cast_to_raw ('foo'), -- the search string cast to raw
                   1, -- where to start. i.e. offset
                   1 -- Which occurrance i.e. 1=first
                    ) > 0 -- how many found, here we are happy to find simply any
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++ When the database isn't yours, to say the schema is wrong isn't helpful all. Thank you so much for resurrecting and answering the question! –  JPDecker Mar 28 at 20:42
It's slow, but it works, Thanks! –  Tobias Snoad Jul 30 at 8:20

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