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What are some recommended resources/books/blogs on SQL Server Integration Services?


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You may have a look at this related question – kristof Nov 17 '08 at 21:44
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Brian Knight's books, including this one are pretty good.

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SSIS Junkie is a pretty useful blog

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Learn the Project Real reference architecture

This will show you everything you need to know about SSIS and SSAS. It's a tremendous example of a ton of real world best practices.

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I enjoyed Hands-On Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Integration Services. It's got running exercises that you can get your hands dirty with. Doesn't get super-deep, but if you're just starting out, it's a good landing point.

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I would recommend an excellent series of articles by Marcin Policht

There are about 50 articles at the moment and each focuses on different aspect of the SSIS, they are pretty detailed and I found them to be an excellent source of information on the subject of SSIS

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I have found that perusing the SQL Server Integration Services MSDN Forum to be informative.

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From the begineers to the professionals, i have created a list of article to understand SSIS step by step and get complete details in a easy way. Check my list of articles and a free ebook on SSIS step by step tutorial as well in my blog

SSIS list of article step by step -

SSIS Ebook free download -

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If you like to use videos for learning, check out Stacia Misner's Integration Services Fundamentals

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