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i have an SQL statement wherein i am trying to update the table on the client's machine. the sql statement is as follows:


    DECLARE @CreatedBy INT

    SELECT  @CreatedBy = [User_Id]
    FROM    Users
    WHERE   UserName = 'Administrator'


    PRINT @CreatedBy --(Works fine here and shows me the output)

    PRINT N'Rebuilding [dbo].[Some_Master]'
    ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Some_Master]
    ADD [CreatedBy] [BIGINT] NULL,
        [Reason] [VARCHAR](200) NULL

    PRINT @CreatedBy --(does not work here and throws me an error)

    PRINT N'Updating data in [Some_Master] table'
    UPDATE  Some_Master
    SET     CreatedBy = @CreatedBy


but i am getting the following error:

Must declare the scalar variable "@CreatedBy".

Now i have observed if i write the Print statement above the alter command it works fine and shows me its value, but if i try to print the value after the Alter command it throws me the error i specified above.

I dont know why ?? please help!

Thank you

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It's because of the GO, which signals the end of a batch of commands. So after the GO, it is a separate batch whereby the variable @CreatedBy is no longer in scope.

Try removing the GO statements.

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Yeah, remove the GO statement, and you'll be fine. So @variables live only during their batch. Is there any kind of variables which can outlive its batch? – Tomasz Gandor Apr 30 '15 at 12:25

I think you need to remove the GO statement.

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Remove the "GO" statement.

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