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i am trying to make a simple form but when i place a textInput box after a Label it comes in the next do i make the text input box be placed besides the Label?

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        <mx:FormItem label="Name : ">
        <mx:TextInput />

Hey u can use this also, otherwise use Canvas and place item in that using left and right proprtites


    <Label left="0"/>
    <textinput right="0"/>

and Yes finally the <hbbox> is the ultimate solution, but putting various tags on a page is bit cuimbersome, so try using canvases as it's a light weight conatiner, and when devbeloping some form, so use <form> tag

I hope it will be of some help tc

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You can always use an <mx:HBox></mx:HBox> to do what you are trying..

    <mx:TextInput />
    <mx:Label />
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oh dint i think abt it? – ruchir patwa Jun 3 '10 at 9:54

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