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I need to pass an array from JavaScript to a page method in C#. I have tried using a parameter in the C# method of IList and also a string[] array. Both ways throw an exception "cannot convert an object of type system.string to xxx", where xxx is the parameter type in the C# method. I am passing the object from jQuery as a json object, and looks like it is coming through properly. Here is what it looks like:


What am I doing wrong here?

EDIT: C# Code:

public static void ProcessAction(string[] testNumbers)
    var dataProvider = new DataProvider();
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Can you post your c# code? –  Michael Haren Nov 17 '08 at 19:18

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Hmm, two things:

  1. JSON arrays have square brackets around them
  2. JSON numbers aren't quoted.

Try this instead:

{"testNumbers": [5555555555,3333333333,4444444444]}
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You need to use one of the .NET JSON Deserializers:


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should i think do the trick along with a deserialiser. see http://www.json.org/ which has a great graphical representation of the json syntax.

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