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I've just installed Memcached on my Mac and updated my Sinatra app configuration as described in Heroku's documentation, but I'm getting a NoMethodError when trying to use the hash-based syntax they specify:

>> CACHE['color'] = 'blue'
>> CACHE['color']

Using explicit get and set methods as below seems to work fine.

>> CACHE.set('color', 'blue')
>> CACHE.get('color')

If necessary I can use the latter syntax, but the former seems more elegant. I haven't tested this on Heroku's environment since I'd like whatever implementation I use to work on my local environment as well. Thanks!

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You could do this:

class << CACHE
  alias [] get
  alias []= set
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I would have expected this to have been defined already in the Memcached class, but generally speaking a useful tip. Thanks! –  sevennineteen Jun 10 '10 at 0:32

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