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I've been beating my head against my desk for the last two days over this one. I'm making an app that displays info from a db, the title/link, thumbnail, and time saved wrapped in an unordered list, like so:
What I'm trying to do is have a minimize button on the element, toggling the thumbnail and time saved on and off:
I can accomplish this, but it's all or nothing. I click one minimize button, and everything goes. How can I contain it to just toggle items with a certain class name that are children of the div that the minimize button is in? I've tried .parent(), .child(), .next(), .prev(). I've thrown everything at it that I know. Now I turn to you, kind sirs (or madams). What am I doing wrong? Here's the ul I'm trying to run it on.

<li class="bookmarkContainer">
<a href="'.$row['url'].'" class="toggle"><img class="thumb" src="images/placeholder.png" /></a>
<div class="title"><a href="'.$row['url'].'" class="bookmrk" target="_blank">'.$row['title'].'</a></div>
<div class="dt toggle">'.relativeTime($row['dt']).'</div><br />
<a class="collapse" href="#">hide</a>
<a class="delete" href="?delete='.$row['id'].'" id="'.$row['id'].'">Delete Bookmark</a>
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You can do it using .closest() and .find() like this:

$(".collapse").click(function() {

If you have lots of these, or they are changing via ajax (seems like a search-resulty thing), use .live() or .delegate() like this:

$(".collapse").live('click', function() {
$("#ulID").delegate('.collapse', 'click', function() {
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Awesome! Thanks so much. That just goes to show why I'm a web designer and not a web developer! – werm Jun 3 '10 at 12:19

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