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I can get the Spidermonkey javascript engine from here:


And, I know that Tracemonkey is the newer version released after SpiderMonkey but I cannot find the download link for it in Mozilla? Is it released for public use? Should I stick back to SpiderMonkey or switch to Google's V8 altogether - if TraceMonkey is not available for public download?

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TraceMonkey is a patch set that has been applied to SpiderMonkey when you get the latest version of SpiderMonkey you get TraceMonkey. See http://ejohn.org/blog/tracemonkey/

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TraceMonkey is part of FireFox version 3.1 and above. you still have to know how to enable it to take advantage. Here's how it works:

  1. Open about:config in your browser.
  2. Paste javascript.options.jit.content into the filter.
  3. Double-click the remaining preference to set the boolean to true.


Maybe this is what you are looking for:


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Thanks, I mean getting the source code of the Javascript engine and embedding javascript into my own C++/C application. – JavaMan Jun 3 '10 at 13:06
@JavaMan: have updated answer – Neil Knight Jun 3 '10 at 13:15

I know you want it for embedding, but for those who just want to use Tracemonkey/Spidermonkey, a nice way is to install Firefox and the Prism add-on which allows you to turn a web page (or URL) into an application. Not quite the same as Microsoft's .HTA files, but if you can write your app inside a web page this will work.

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