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I'm trying to set up one of my Drupal sites to push a node to another Drupal site in a multi-site configuration. It looks like I need to do this with services somehow, but I can't find any tutorials out there and I need at least to be pointed in the right direction. What I believe I need is set up Services on the receiving site to accept a call from the sending site which will be sending the node object via Json or serialized PHP using a Key that was set up on the receiving site. Can anyone show me an example of this working or give me some insight?


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have you checked out the deploy module on d.o (drupal.org)? It's a great tool to push changes (also nodes) from one installation to another. It uses the services module for the communication. I have not tested it with a multisite installation, but I guess it should work if at least the domain names are different for each site.



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