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I'm trying to print a table with a lot of columns, so that the width of the table doesn't fit a single page.

I'm using jqprint to print that table. But it prints only the left part of the table, and the right part it won't print. Is there a way to print the table on multiple pages?

Kind regards, Bruno

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I would calculate the size per column you need, and when you see it wont fit your paper anymore, put it from that column in a new table. and so on... till you did the whole table. And put some page-breaks after eacht table.

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using CSS you can specify page breaks.

Look here at www.w3Schools.com for reference Look here at javascriptkit.com for a tutorial

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Thanks for the advice, i didn't knew about these page breaks. But it seems to be you can't break a table in "multiple" tables after columns. (or i just can't manage it :-) ) I think i will go break my table in multiple tables, and with those page breaks, i can set them on the different pages. –  bruno Jun 7 '10 at 6:41
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You have to get the data out of the table. think of a tr as a ol and each td as a li. lists will print pretty on landscape or portrait and you could put a pagebreak before each ol.

pagebreaks don't work/allowed within a table.

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