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I want to watch and learn from Open Source projects that are using Facelets, but my Google skills failed me so I went here.

The closest thing I found was http://wiki.java.net/bin/view/Projects/FaceletsProjects but -- correct me if I'm wrong -- that tiny link collection only go to demos, 404:s, commercial products or projects that are simply "Facelets-compatible".

If there actually are no Open Source projects using Facelets, can anyone explain why? Is it too enterprisey?

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The best I found was Crank.

Crank is a master/detail, CRUD, and annotation driven validation framework built with JPA, JSF, Facelets and Ajax. It allows developers to quickly come up with JSF/Ajax based CRUD listings and Master/Detail forms from their JPA annotated Java objects. Crank uses a lot of the new JSF features from Facelets, Ajax4JSF, etc. that will be used in JSF 2.0. Crank is a use case analysis of what is possible with the new JSF 2.0 stack.

I also liked gmaps4jsf which includes details on how to make it work with facelets but didn't seem to be a facelet focused project..

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Have a look at this link on the SeamFramework site. It lists a whole lot of sites/apps that use Seam and in the "Technology Used" column you can identify those that use Facelets.

One in particular that you should check out is Nuxeo.

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