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Project A contains a WPF Window (Data Entry Form) with a stack panel of commands that launch various reports. The menu is a dynamically built list from a database. What I’m attempting to do is launch the corresponding WPF window based on the CommandText associated with the menu choice. I’d like to create a single function that accepts the name of the WPF Window (CommandText) and launches a new instance of the window by name.

I’ve found examples of how to launch methods on classes, but can’t seem to find a method that works with a window. I know it can be done with a switch and just map all the windows, but there are 60-70 and I was trying to avoid bloat.

I’m failed repeatedly trying to use the TypeOf and Activator.CreateInstance. Suggestions? Is this even possible?

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You might try this:

string windowClass = "CreateWindow.MyWindow";
Type type = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().GetType(windowClass);
ObjectHandle handle = Activator.CreateInstance(null, windowClass);
MethodInfo method = type.GetMethod("Show");
method.Invoke(handle.Unwrap(), null);

The code above assumes that your window is called "CreateWindow.MyWindow" (with namespace prefix) and that the type "CreateWindow.MyWindow" is in the currently executing assembly.

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I falsely assumed the Namespace and Project had the same name. Changed the namespace prefix and it worked. –  jasonk Jun 3 '10 at 17:49

Activator works fine for me. What error do you have? Try if below code will work for you

private void Button_Click(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    Window wnd = (Window)CreateWindow("WpfApplication1.Window2");


public object CreateWindow(string fullClassName)
    Assembly asm = this.GetType().Assembly;

    object wnd = asm.CreateInstance(fullClassName);
    if (wnd == null)
        throw new TypeLoadException("Unable to create window: " + fullClassName);
    return wnd;
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