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I read Robert Benson's article "The Event Completion Framework for the Solaris Operating System" on ECF.

I also read the Solaris man pages but they are not very clear of how to use event notifications for directories. For example, if I add a new file into a directory, I would like to get some notification of that event.

I found "File Events Notification" which has what I need but it is for Solaris 11, which is not in the market yet.

Based on "Event ports and performance", I don't want to use poll because I want to get the performance advantage of events.

Any suggestion is highly appreciated!

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Depending on your requirements, OpenSolaris (SunOS 5.11) is already in the (free) market. –  jlliagre Jun 3 '10 at 21:49
No, unfortunately I will have to use Solaris 10. I found a library called Libev but it doesn't work for directory changes in Solaris. I'm aware of libevent but it is to slow for my program. If you know any C or C++ based event library that would be great! thanks for the response. -Armando. –  Armando Jun 4 '10 at 13:29

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Event ports are a generic mechanism not specific to file or directory changes.

There wasn't support to generate these events for file or directory changes until NV build 72 (after Solaris 10 was released).

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