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Is there some way to ask Mercurial to show the revisions being diffed in the output when using git mode? For example:

$ hg diff -r trunk:development
diff -r 08d51ecf22cf:ff5673e55b9f --git a/foo.c b/foo.c

Or something similar?

I've found that there have been a few times that I've taken a diff (eg, to review), but have later been unable to recreate it because I've forgotten which revisions it was taken against.

Edit: the -v flag will show revisions in normal diff mode, but I've got to use git diff (I deal with binary files fairly regularly).

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hg diff -v
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This works, but only if git diff mode isn't used (making it useless when I've got to diff binary data)… Any other way? –  David Wolever Jun 3 '10 at 20:41

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