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In SQL Server Mgt Studio 2005, when I open the Object Explorer to script an object to a new Query Editor window, the tab for that new script window is titled something like 'MyServerName.MyDatabaseName - sqlquery37.sql'

Not very descriptive. So when I get a bunch of windows open at the same time, I have no idea which one is which.

The 'Active Files' dropdown is useless because of this.

Is there a way to configure Mgt. Studio so that the Query Editor Window tab title more accurately reflects the object that I'm working on?


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This is something that the SQL team is aware of (see this connect item) but there is no firm deadline on when it will be addressed. Saving your file as Ken G suggested is the only work around at the moment.

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Not [easily] without actually saving the script window to a file - then you get

MyServerName.MyDatabaseName - MyFileName.sql

as the title.

You might be able to change this with a plugin/add-on, but not without writing code.

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I recently created this suggestion in which I offer an alternative UI for the tabs:


If enough people upvote it, perhaps they will take it seriously!

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