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Is there any Example of PHP user to user chat on sockets?

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You want user-to-user code (client side), but you only want to see server-side logic (server side), but you don't want back-end code (server side). This is the most convoluted question I've ever seen. –  mattbasta Jun 3 '10 at 17:03

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There's no such thing as "user to user" chats on the Web. Web-based chats all pass through a webserver, as there's no practical foolproof way to get two client browsers to open up a direct communications link between the two.

If you're dealing with web-based communications, better accept that all communications are client <-> server, not client <-> client.

That being said, you can have Flash open up links to other servers, using crossdomain.xml, but that still requires server involvement.

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