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I want to take a variable called $encoded_str and and remove cd1, CD1 and anything between the first 'l' and the last blank space. So for example "lp6 id4 STRINGcd1" would return "STRING".

I'm using PHP 4 for now so I can't use str_ireplace, I have this:


I've RTFM for preg_replace but am a bit confused. What should I replace the X with and can you suggest a decent introductory primer for writing regular expressions?

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This would depend on what STRING can contain. Is it alphanumeric? Just letters? Any special symbols? –  eykanal Jun 3 '10 at 17:08

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The above regex will match anything from the first l in the string to the last whitespace. It uses a positive lookbehind to match the position of a whitespace character as the ending point for the .* that's consuming the first part of the string. Since .* is greedy, the lookbehind will match the last whitespace character it can.

As far as a reference, these pages are great:


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