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So, I'm trying to get gtksourceview python bindings work under windows (I'm developing a cross platform gtk application that shows code, so gtksourceview seemed like a natural choice).

I have pygtk installed and working (I followed the instructions in

I tried the instructions in for gtksourceview.

Here is what I did:

  1. Downloaded and extracted the latest gtksourceview window binaries from:

  2. The website said gtksourceview needs libxml, so I downloaded and extracted the latest libxml window binaries from:

  3. Added the folders containing dll files to the PATH (in my computer they were c:\opt\gtksourceview\bin; C:\opt\libxml2-2.7.6.win32\bin)

  4. Installed pygtksourceview with the windows installer:

  5. Renamed the file libxml2.dll to libxml2-2.dll (after running depends on the gtksourceview dll)

Now, the gtksouceview widget seems to work, until I'm trying to set the code's language. When I do that python crashes.

Here is how I crash it in the console (the simplest way i could come up with):

>>>import gtksourceview2
>>>lang = gtksourceview2.language_manager_get_default().get_language('cpp')

I'm hoping I'm not the first person to use gtksourceview in python on windows. Any ideas what I should try?

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So in case anyone else is wondering -- I grabbed the wrong libxml dll. The right one is in:

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