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I am currently writing my own shell program. My current shell can just execute commands. I want to go a step future and execute vi from this new shell. I am trying to understand the internals of how a vi editor works , but no good articles on net.

Any pointers or links would be helpful.


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did you fork() -> exec() the vi executable with parameters then wait() in the parent? (your shell).

You can do this with a system() call as well. In fact if you want to see how system works, download glibc code.

int main()
  system("vi t.lis");
  return 0;
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You can get the source code:

I'm not sure what you mean by "execute vi from this new shell". How is it different from any other command?

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Well, when I type vi on the new shell , the editor is launched but I am unable to type anything .And also I get back my new shell prompt waiting for the next command to be typed. I am unable to type anything on the screen and my program just hangs. any clue? – hits_lucky Jun 4 '10 at 16:52

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