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I have the domain, we'll call it "mydomain.com" and I want the following virtual hosts set up to resolve in the following way:

  • mydomain.com / www.mydomain.com to point to /var/www/
  • dev.mydomain.com to point to /var/www/dev/
  • *.mydomain.com (all other subdomains) to point to /var/www/old

My apache configuration is currently set up as:


 ServerAlias *.mydomain.com
 DocumentRoot /var/www/old

 ServerName mydomain.com
 ServerAlias www.mydomain.com
 DocumentRoot /var/www

 ServerAlias dev.mydomain.com
 DocumentRoot /var/www/dev

Unfortunately, this is not working as I expected. With this configuration, only the first (wildcard) VirtualHost entry works properly.

What is the right way to configure Apache to do this?

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Place the wildcard entry last in the file. Apache will use the first VirtualHost that matches the Host header being sent by the browser.

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That works. Thanks! –  SoupNutsy Jun 3 '10 at 19:24
Is it possible to write separate configuration files for each of the above Virtual Hosts or is it necessary to be in the same file to allow precedence order? –  activatedGeek Jan 2 at 21:24
@activatedGeek If they're in separate files, precedence is based on filename. In a new Ubuntu distribution you'll find the default file named 000-default for that reason. Doesn't hurt to put them in the same file so precedence is guaranteed. –  ceejayoz Jan 2 at 21:27

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