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I know there are other questions on this and I have read through almost all of them and none of them solved my problem.

I have inside a home directory:

   def search(in: NodeSeq) : NodeSeq = {

     bind("work", in,
      "docId" -> text("", did = _),
      "visitId" -> text("", vid = _),
      "provider" -> text("", prov = _),
      "emCode" -> text(ecode, ecode = _))

along with:

<lift:home.searchForm form="POST" multipart="true" >

     <td><work:docId /></td>
     <td><work:visitId /></td>
     <td><work:provider /></td>
     <td><work:emCode /></td>
     <td><button>Click Me!</button></td>


Inside an html page. I have included xmlns:lift="http://liftweb.net/" in default.... I can't find anyway to fix this... I am getting

XML Parsing Error: prefix not bound to a namespace
Location: http://localhost:8080/
Line Number 29, Column 10:     <td><work:docId></work:docId></td>

in firefox. I have written similar code and had it working in another app and just cant even find anything im doing different thats not trivial naming...

Thanks in advance!

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If I change all the "work" words to the letter e... i get the same error. But if change it to the letter l... it doesnt get a parsing error but nothing shows up. Am I missing some keywords from xml or something that are just slipping my mind? –  user357872 Jun 3 '10 at 20:36

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The problem is that you're invoking the snippet home.searchForm but your method is search. Change your method name to searchForm and it should be okay.

Also, please upgrade to Lift 2.0... 2.0 has much better error reporting and will flag this kind of issue in the browser.


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