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I'd like to create a custom window using WPF that doesn't look like the regular window. The window I want to create is similar to MacOs window, with title centered (with dropshadow effect), and controls button on left side of the window.

I did create a bordless window, but some questions I have:

1 - How can I set it functionality of maximize, minimize and close buttons in XAML (if it's possible)? 2 - How can I define a window template so every new window I create have the same look and feel? 3 - Is it possible to create the Aqua maximize, minimize and close buttons using only elements from WPF (without using images)? How? 4 - How can I make the window move when dragged?

Thanks for all help.

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Here's an example with custom(-izable) drawing and handling of window operations (min, max, size, drag): WPF adventures (Part III) or Windows Style

Window was set to remove any title or border; all window controls, including min/max/close buttons, were defined in the custom code.

OpenNetCF Blogs seem to experience technical issues and the link doesn't work right now. As alternative one can use a wayback machine.

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Thanks! This helps a lot!!!! –  RHaguiuda Jun 3 '10 at 20:56
:) I actually was surprised how perfectly that article matched your question. Well, except for #3, but since all controls are custom you probably can restyle WPF buttons or find a theme that can be used for it. –  DK. Jun 3 '10 at 21:02

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