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I have a asp.net website and i need to import address books from yahoo, msn and aol. I have already done gmail import by downloading the google contacts api. But i cannot find the same for yahoo,msn and aol. does anyone know if there's a single dll avilable that can do this? or any other way is fine.

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I don't know how re-usable and versatile you need this to be. I would highly recommend finding a way to use the APIs to do so. If you absolutely can't do it that way and all you are using this part of your app for is to save yourself (I wouldn't provide this solution to other users as it's not user-friendly) the time of typing all of the names in, you can log in and go to your contacts page, view source, copy the source with all of the contact info, and finally write a procedure that parses out the info you need from that.

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