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I created the following automation addin:

namespace AutomationAddin

    public class MyFunctions
        public MyFunctions()

        #region UDFs
        public string ToUpperCase(string input)
            return input.ToUpper();

        public static void RegisterFunction(Type type)
            GetSubKeyName(type, "Programmable"));

            RegistryKey key = Registry.ClassesRoot.OpenSubKey(
              GetSubKeyName(type, "InprocServer32"), true);

              System.Environment.SystemDirectory + @"\mscoree.dll",

        public static void UnregisterFunction(Type type)
              GetSubKeyName(type, "Programmable"), false);

        private static string GetSubKeyName(Type type,
          string subKeyName)
            System.Text.StringBuilder s =
              new System.Text.StringBuilder();


            return s.ToString();

I build it and it registers just fine. I open excel 2003, go to tools->Add-ins, click on the automation button and the addin appears in the list. I add it and it shows up in the addins list. but, the functions themselves don't appear. If I type it in it doesn't work and if I look in the function wizard, my addin doesn't show up as a category and the functions are not in the list.

I am using excel 2003 on windows 7 x86. I built the project with visual studio 2010. This addin worked fine on windows xp built with visual studio 2008.

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turns out CLR wasn't working right, installed a patch and now it works.

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