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I am starting a new project for a client from the academic sector. We are trying to choose the right technology for the project and I am interested in hiring Django or Rails developers to work on it (as there will be some custom module development involved). The client wants to be able to sign up with a reliable service package after launch to make sure they have someone to call when things go bad.

Being the information architecture / design consultant on the project, that person cannot be me, nor could it be the in-house developers we will hire for the job. We will need someone reliable that is good at these things. This need from my clients make options like Alfresco and LifeRay seem appealing even though they don't really fit the project requirements.

Are there any companies that give reliable high end Django or Rails based services? Or maybe using a framework with Amazon's cloud services setup might help me with that (or am I getting it wrong)?

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Are you looking for hosting services or just someone to pick up development when you hand it off? – Beerlington Jun 4 '10 at 0:34
Indeed, as Beerlington says, it's not pretty clear from your post whether you want post-deployment support services on the code, or the sysadmin work. Could you please clarify? – dguaraglia Jun 4 '10 at 12:05
Sorry for being unclear. It is a bit of both. Though the client will have an in-house developer and sysadmin, I think they want the safety to know they have a founded support system when/if the shit hits the fan. For better or worse they don't want all the maintenance responsibility in-house. It's a service package they're looking for and again, it's the type of thing that makes Alfresco and Liferay (Java based "enterprise-oriented" ECM - Enterprise Management System). It seems like two contradicting philosophies: agile vs. enterprise. I guess I'm asking: Can I get the best of both worlds? – Mushon Jun 4 '10 at 16:17

MediaTemple's grid containers seem to be the biggest and most supported django hosting environment around:

That may take away a bunch of head aches but when things go wrong you need somebody with expertise to pick it up anyway. I'd ask anybody taking on the project if they know others to pass on maintenance to (there should be a bunch of midsized shops doing django these days, there are in the Netherlands).

Ask for details of those companies and work out a way to hand over support and maintenance for a set monthly fee or whatever cost structure works for both of you.

You may also want to get the maintaining company to come in early in the project to accept the code as it is being produced though code acceptance problems should not be nearly as prevalent as they are with for instance PHP.

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Thanks for the feedback. I am looking for those midsize Django shops and can't really find them in NY or generally in the US. This will actually be a showstopper for us as Django is concerned. It's a really shame as I am quite sure Django is the right tool for the job. Seems like Django might need to have an Aquia moment some time soon... – Mushon Jul 24 '10 at 18:09

EngineYard is a full service Rails deployment support service. They handle management, scaling, etc. Don't think they handle maintenance though. I have only heard good things about them, but I'm not a customer personally.

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Yeah, EngineYard is a good solution, but not for what I am looking for :) The servers will be hosted and maintained locally. The support my client need is more on the web-development than in the sys-admin side. As I said, Django needs an Aquia moment (I'm not a fan of Drupal, but they did understand the need for enterprise level dev solutions) – Mushon Jul 27 '10 at 13:53

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