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We are getting the following ODBC timeout errors when executing sql code against a SQL Server database.

"Connectivity error: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Timeout expired" "S1T00"

The confusing thing here is that our stack dump says that the SQL code it is executing when the timeout occurrs - is very simple:


or sometimes...


Our client says that the load on the database server at the time that these errors occur, is not overwhelming. What could possibly cause those simple statements to timeout? I believe the timeout setting is fairly short (between 1 and 5 seconds)... but still, SELECT @@TRANCOUNT should be instantaneous.

Any ideas?

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It may be driver-dependent, but I think the ODBC timeout may be handled by the client. This means that any network delays or even slight server hiccups caused by anything from a virus scanner to miscellaneous processes could easily cause a 1 or 2 second delay. So if your timeout is actually 1 second, it doesn't seem surprising that you might get timeout errors.

It seems that even 5 seconds is a bit on the low side for a reasonable timeout. This is assuming that the client and server are not on the same physical machine.

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You might be correct about this - 1 second does seem rather short. I will have to investigate to make sure that my interpretation of the code is correct. Lengthening the timeout seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately this is 3rd party code and changing the timeout could very easily have unexpected results. – Clinemi Jun 4 '10 at 16:34

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