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I have a large music library which I have just spent around 30 hours organizing. For some of the MP3 files, I embedded the cover art image as type 0 (Other) and I'd like to change it to type 3 (Front Cover). Is there a way to do this in Python, specifically in Mutagen?

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Here's how I was able to pull it off.

First, get access to the file in Mutagen:

audio = MP3("filename.mp3")

Then, get a reference to the tag you're looking for:

picturetag = audio.tags['APIC:Folder.jpg']

Then, modify the type attribute:

picturetag.type = 3

Then, assign it back into the audio file, just to be sure

audio.tags['APIC:Folder.jpg'] = picturetag

Finally, save it!


And you're there! The APIC tag comes with its own class that sports everything you'd need to modify pictures and picture tagging info. Happy music organizing!

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