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I have recently upgraded from TFS2005 to TFS2010 (and sub-sequently the team build server).

I used to be able to get a team build on one of my solutions to work pretty easily, (see structure below)

|_Web Site
|    |_Bin
|    |_Other Files
|_Project 1
|_Project 2
|_Project (n)

Now, i can no longer get a build working correctly as it doesnt appear to build all my projects any longer (i've had to create a new build definition). Either that, or its not building the projects in such an order that when it hits project X, that a project it depends on (Project A), has not yet been built, and as such fails.

I'm just basically trying to build a web site (not web application project), with some Dependant / linked projects. Why must it be so hard!

Everything builds fine in the IDE. If i even open the solution copied to the build server under the 'Sources' directory, i am able to build it fine in the IDE on that server. No such luck with MSBuild though.


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See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/808408/can-we-build-a-website-using-msbuild.

Or convert to a web app project.

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I already read / tried the first link. And i originally moved away from having a web application because of the amount of tfs merge issues we were having due to the number of files in the web app. I had it working with TFS2005, it just doesnt seem to want to work with 2010, which doesnt seem to make much sense. –  mrwayne Jun 4 '10 at 11:41

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