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I have a bit of code that runs through a dictionary and outputs the values from it in a CSV format. Strangely I'm getting a couple of blank lines where all the output of all of the dictionary entries is blank. I've read the code and can't understand has anything except lines with commas can be output. The blank line should have values in it, so extra \n is not the cause. Can anyone advise why I'd be getting blank lines? Other times I run the missing line appears.

Missing line:

6415, 6469, -4.60, clerical, 2, ,,,joe,030193027org,joelj,030155640dup

Using python 2.6.5

Bit of code:

      tfile = file(path, 'w')
      tfile.write('Rec_ID_A, Rec_ID_B, Weight, Assigned, Run, By, On, Comment\n')
      rec_num_a = 0

      while (rec_num_a <= max_rec_num_a):
            value = self.dict['DA'+str(rec_num_a)]
            value = [0,0,0,'rejected']
        if (value[3]!='rejected'):
            weightValue = "%0.2f" % value[2]
            line = value[0][1:] + ', ' + value[1][1:] + ', ' + weightValue \
                             + ', ' + str(value[3]) + ', ' + str(value[4]) 
            if (len(value)>5):
                line = line + ', ' + value[5] + ',' + value[6] + ',' + value[7]
            (a_pkey, b_pkey) = self.derive_pkeys(value)
            line = line + a_pkey + b_pkey
             tfile.write( line + '\n')
        rec_num_a +=1            

Sample output

6388, 2187, 76.50, clerical, 1, ,,,cameron,030187639org,cameron,030187639org
6398, 2103, 70.79, clerical, 1, ,,,caleb,030189225org,caldb,030189225dup
6402, 2205, 1.64, clerical, 2, ,,,jenna,030190334org,cameron,020305169dup
6409, 7892, 79.09, clerical, 1, ,,,liam,030191863org,liam,030191863org

6416, 11519, 79.09, clerical, 1, ,,,thomas,030193156org,thomas,030193156org
6417, 8854, 6.10, clerical, 2, ,,,ruby,030193713org,mia,020160397org
6421, 2864, -0.84, clerical, 2, ,,,kristin,030194394org,connou,020023478dup
6423, 413, 75.63, clerical, 1, ,,,adrian,030194795org,adriah,030194795dup
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first learn to use the built in string formatting functions, – Jarrod Roberson Jun 4 '10 at 5:59
@fuzzy: those are going away in Python 3.0, and anyway if you're going to pick on something, I would say iteration style ;-) Martlark, this is a perfect place for for rec_num_a in xrange(max_rec_num_a) – David Z Jun 4 '10 at 6:17
Am I using the string formatting wrong? I'm not using the built in csv module because this is not my code. – Martlark Jun 4 '10 at 6:21
@fuzzy, @David, you can still use str.format(), with placeholders. Definitely better than a bunch of concatenation. – Xavier Ho Jun 4 '10 at 7:50
Don't reinvent the wheel, and use csv. Especially if you're not yet good enough to debug your wheel when it falls off :) – user97370 Jun 4 '10 at 8:58

Why are you not using Python's built-in csv module?

Then, what does self.derive_pkeys(value) do? Could it be that b_pkey sometimes ends with \n?

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(1) Please say precisely what a "blank line" is -- contains only a newline? contains one or more spaces? Other whitespace characters?

(2) How did you determine the answer to Q1? ["looked at in a text editor" is not a good answer, nor is "printed it to my terminal and eyeballed it"; try print repr(line)]

(3) How have you determined that the "missing data" is actually in the input dictionary?

(4) Some runs work, some don't ... so what else is different? From what is the dict populated? A multiuser database? A static file?

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without seeing the source data it is hard to tell, but I could speculate that your data has some stray \n characters in it, like in b_pkey . You could try and do a .strip() on that value to make sure it is clean.

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That would be .strip() – Ian Bicking Jun 4 '10 at 6:22

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