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Paypal IPN doesnot return any variable for subscription payment, I have spent more than a week, still i haven't break the wall. I am using host gator webhosting service.

please send the the working example...thankyou

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-1: You need to provide more details. Just saying that subscription dosent return variables is not enough. Also send some code showing what you have done so far, and state exactly what the problem is – morpheous Jun 4 '10 at 6:19

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Paypal IPN does return variables for subscription payments, I have it working. You need to read the 'Paypal IPN Variable Reference Guide'. Do a google and you'll find heaps on it.

I'm developing in ruby on rails and these screencasts by Ryan Bates really helped me. You want episodes 141, 142 and 143:

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use sandbox account to test. register new account here and use IPN simulator. if you have specific problems maybe could update here.

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when your create subscribe button you will found that one option

click this one

Step 3: Customize advanced features (optional)

point 1.

Take customers to this URL when they cancel their checkout


point 2. Take customers to this URL when they finish checkout


point 3. Add advanced variables


after define point 3 you can get PAYPAL IPN variable

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