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There is probably a really easy answer to this but my brain just isn't working.

I have a method I need to call in a framework that is not Observable aware, that has the following pattern.

     string resource, 
     Action<Exception> onError, 
     Action<TResult> onCompleted);

I need to convert this into a synchronous action that waits for the result. I figured Rx would help me so I tried

var observable = Observable.Create<XElement>(
    observer => () => client.GetAsync<XElement>(
var result = observable.First();

But this here but this just deadlocks, I tried making it ObserveOn new thread and SubscribeOn new thread. But it still deadlocks, am I even on the right track?

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You're on the right track, with a small adjustment.:

var observable = Observable.Create<XElement>( 
    observer => 
        x => 
        return () => {};

Just as a comment, using RX to make synchronous stuff from asynchronous is kinda "goes against the grain". Normally, RX is used to make asynchronous from synchronous or make asynchronous easier.

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Thx. Rx is making asynchronous easier for me... by getting a result synchronously from an asynchronous source. This is being used to implement a synchronous contract so my choices are limited here. –  Flatliner DOA Jun 6 '10 at 2:39

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