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I couldn't find a similar post, maybe some servers don't like this keyword combinations :)

I would like to have gnome/linux running on a windows desktop, I know that it is possible through:

1- Virtual machine, with linux/gnome installed 2- Cygwin, with gnome configured 3- other ports

As for 1, it is discarded because of memory consumption too high As for 2, I couldn't find any working sample configuration, i found a gnome/cygwin project that is abandoned. As for 3, an assumption of what's there but unknown up to this point->.


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This needs to be in the form of a question –  James A Mohler Jan 15 '13 at 7:42

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You can try colinux + Xming. There was even such a thing as "Portable Ubuntu" - http://portableubuntu.demonccc.com.ar/

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