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how can I search something in all files in a given folder in eclipse also how can I search up, it's seems like only going down the document

sometimes I am working on single files, so there is no project defined. I know about the search in project feature

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If you go to Search>Files... you'll have an advanced search dialogue where you amongst others can specify the scope to search in (all of the workspace, selected resources only etc.). Is this what you're looking for?

And also, if searching through a single file (+), you have the standard search dialogue where you can specify search direction to either forward or backward.

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but still there is no where to set a folder to be searched recursively – Maysam Jun 4 '10 at 10:09
@Maysam: yes, there is. If you select (just mark it with your mouse) e.g. a folder (or a package or whatever), and then go to Search>Files and select the scope "Selected resources", it will only search the folder you have selected. – Nailuj Jun 4 '10 at 12:11
  • Search forward in file: Edit -> Incremental Find Next
  • Search backward in file: Edit -> Incremental Find Previous
  • Search in multiple files: Search -> File -> Containing Text.
  • Search files in a specific subdirectory: Select the sub-directory -> Search -> File -> Scope: Selected resources.

I reccomend that you learn the short-cuts for these tasks. (Key-combination is found right beside the menu-item.)

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but still there is no where to set a folder to be searched recursively – Maysam Jun 4 '10 at 10:09
See update..... – aioobe Jun 4 '10 at 10:35

Use the Remote Search Feature. Here you can browse for local folders. Some stupid name...

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If default eclipse search is not sufficient for your needs, eclipse instasearch plugin is a very useful plugin for search needs inside eclipse.

It is based on lucene. This is also available in eclipse marketplace. It has extensive feature set.

  • Instantly shows search results
  • Shows a preview using relevant lines
  • Periodically updates the index
  • Matches partial words (e.g. case in CamelCase)
  • Opens and highlights matches in files
  • Searches JAR source attachments
  • Supports filtering by extension/project/working set
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If you want to search for anything without telling Eclipse what it is, use ctrl+shift+L (QuickEclipseSearch). This is the quickest way. You can also use 'file search' (press ctrl+H) and navigate into file search using left and right arrrows on the top right corner of your windows. Or type 'file search' in the 'Quick Access' window. If you are looking for a specific method, package, field,type or constructor use JAVA search.

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If you want search in a particular file then just press ctr+F and type whatever you want to search in that current file.

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