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i have jsp and i use datatable (jquery). When i load my page in the console i have this message

Column 3 is not defined

How can I remove this message? It is an error ..?

Thx.. ;)

edit: Script HTML

    <script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
   $(document).ready(function() {
    $('#clientDatatable').dataTable( {
     "bStateSave": false,
     "sPaginationType": "full_numbers",//"two_button", 
     "aaSorting": [[ 1, "desc" ]], 
                 "aoColumns": [
                    { "sType": "string", "bSearchable":0 },
                    { "sType": "string" },
                    { "sType": "string","sWidth":"100px" },
                    { "sType": "string" },
                    { "sType": "string" },
                    { "sType": "string" },
                    { "sType": "date" },
                    { "sType": "date" },
                    { "sType": "html", "bSortable":0, "bSearchable":0 },
                    { "sType": "html", "bSortable":0, "bSearchable":0}
                 "oLanguage": {
     "sSearch": "Rechercher",
     "sLengthMenu": "Affiche _MENU_ clients par page",
     "sZeroRecords": "Aucun client trouvé",
     "sInfo": "Affiche _START_ à _END_ sur _TOTAL_ clients",
     "sInfoEmtpy": "Showing _BEGIN_ to _END_ of _TOTAL_ records",
     "sInfoFiltered": "(Filtrées sur _MAX_ clients au total)",
      "oPaginate": {
      "sFirst": "<<<",
      "sNext": "Suivant",
      "sPrevious": "Précédent",
      "sLast": ">>"
     "fnDrawCallback": function() {
       //bind the click handler script to the newly created elements held in the table
    } );

   } );


Table HTML:

    <table  cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2" id="clientDatatable" border="0">
        <%int compteur=0;%>
        <logic:iterate id="client" name="<%=ConstantesRequete.CLE_V_PUBLICATION%>">
            <% compteur++;
            if ((compteur%2)==0) { %>
            <tr class="row1">
            <%}else {%>
            <tr class="row0">
                    <img src='<bean:write name="client" property="cheminIcone"/>'/>
                    <logic:notEqual name="client" property="statut" value="<%=StatutPublication.EnAttente.getCode()%>">
                        <a href="<%=request.getContextPath()%><bean:write name="client" property="cheminDoc" />" target="_new"><bean:write name="client" property="titre" /></a>
                    <logic:equal name="client" property="statut" value="<%=StatutPublication.EnAttente.getCode()%>">
                        <bean:write name="client" property="titre" />

                <td><bean:write name="client" property="categorie" /></td>              
                <logic:equal name="client" property="type" value="<%=TypePublication.Ponctuelle.getCode()%>">
                    <td title="<%=TypePublication.Ponctuelle.getLibelle()%>"><%=TypePublication.Ponctuelle.getCode()%></td>
                <logic:equal name="client" property="type" value="<%=TypePublication.Reccurente.getCode()%>">
                    <td title="<%=TypePublication.Reccurente.getLibelle()%>"><%=TypePublication.Reccurente.getCode()%></td>
                <logic:equal name="client" property="statut" value="<%=StatutPublication.Publie.getCode()%>">
                    <td title="<%=StatutPublication.Publie.getLibelle()%>"><%=StatutPublication.Publie.getCode()%></td>
                <logic:equal name="client" property="statut" value="<%=StatutPublication.EnAttente.getCode()%>">
                    <td title="<%=StatutPublication.EnAttente.getLibelle()%>"><%=StatutPublication.EnAttente.getCode()%></td>
                <logic:equal name="client" property="statut" value="<%=StatutPublication.Expiree.getCode()%>">
                    <td title="<%=StatutPublication.Expiree.getLibelle()%>"><%=StatutPublication.Expiree.getCode()%></td>
                <td><bean:write name="client" property="user" /></td>
                <td><bean:write name="client" property="dateFin" /></td>

                <a name="modal" href="#contenu" id="<%=request.getContextPath()%>/listDestinataires.do?id=<bean:write name="client" property="id" />"><html:img page="/html/images/group.png" border="0" alt="Destinataires" /></a>
                    <html:link action="recupPublication" paramName="client" paramProperty="id" paramId="id"><html:img page="/html/images/edit.png" border="0" alt="Modifier" /></html:link>
                    <a href='javascript:deletePublication("<%=request.getContextPath()%>", "<bean:write name="client" property="id" />","<bean:write name="client" property="titre" />")'><html:img page="/html/images/suppr.png" border="0" alt="Supprimer" /></a>
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Can you show the HTML? Your table probably has not enough columns? –  Konerak Jun 4 '10 at 9:04
You really need to share more information. It's obviously an error or at least a warning. The console won't print that for no reason. –  jAndy Jun 4 '10 at 9:04
Can you show the rest of the table? –  Kamal Jun 4 '10 at 11:32
edit was updated –  Mercer Jun 4 '10 at 11:50
I'm not familiar with JSP but it seems you have more columns in your tbody than defined in your thead (13 vs 10). how many columns are eventually generated in the final html displayed in the browser? –  Kamal Jun 4 '10 at 12:17

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