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I have set up the Google Analytics in my FBML facebook application. It works for tracking the php pages. (I can see the report in GA).

However, I also want to track the aJax calls, because most of the pages of my application is ajax driven, rather than loading differnet php pages.

so, that's what I put in the code (before ajax call)


THere is no error return when running the application.

However, when I look at the Google Analytics, I can't find any report showing this is being tracked. I look at the Event tracking.. nothing. I look at the overview, it only shows the php pages statistic.

So, where should I look in Google Analytics? and do I need to set up anything in GA for tracking the ajax call for 'importantpage' ?

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anyone got any idea? – murvinlai Jun 4 '10 at 17:32

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try calling urchin within you AJAX function. Like :

function callPage(div,params, page)  


        var ajax_content = new Ajax();
        ajax_content.responseType = Ajax.FBML;
        ajax_content.ondone = function(data) 
        var params={"Params":params,"target":div};       ,params);     

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