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I would like to make a lookup within a SSRS expression, is that possible ?

The idea behind that: for a check report I have to decide if a value on the report is ok, if not it should be shown with a red background color. However instead of keeping the values that are ok in the expression I would like to use lookup in a sql table where these values are centrally stored.

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You could do this through custom code or assemblies, but I'd look for a way to do it in the data source query instead. Is your data source the same SQL database?

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Yes it is, I had a look at R2 and I think this will fix my problem. Custom code is a bit to much trouble to maintain later on I feel. – nojetlag Jun 20 '10 at 7:21

In Report Builder 3.0 and SSRS for SQL Server 2008R2, you can use the Lookup() function:

Lookup(source_expression, destination_expression, result_expression, dataset)

MSDN documentation here

Also, a couple of sites with examples I found helpful:!/2012/03/ssrs-2008-r2-lookup-how-to-use-multiple.html


Be sure to use shared datasets!

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