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I have a class like this

@interface MyParentClass : NSObject {
    NSString *objectName_;
@property(nonatomic, copy) NSString *objectName;

and in implementation, I have this:

@implementation MyParentClass
@synthesize objectName = objectName_;

then I have a child class that inherits from MyParentClass like this

@interface MyChildClass : MyParentClass {

the problem is that if I create a child class object and try to access the objectName property, it gives me a no method found warning i.e.

MyChildClass *obj = [[MyChildClass alloc] init];
[obj setObjectName:@"BuzzLightYear"]; // this line produces no method 
                                      // setObjectName found warning

how can I remove it?

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oops. just realized I had forgotten to #import "MyChildClass.h" in the file where I was using the buggy code. adding the import fixes the issue.

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I had the same problem.It has been solved by #import MyParentClass.h.

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